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NandemoSCC - Let's play MSX game sounds with SCC

NandemoSCC v3.00


NandemoSCC_300.zip 2023/3/5 update!




from ROM ( e.g. MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD)

from DISK


Basic system

Best system

Substitution for SCC cartridges

If you don't have a SCC sound cartridge, you can use it in exactly the same way if you have a game cartridge with SCC (Gradius 2, Gekitotsu Pennant Race, etc.).

When using the ROM version of NandemoSCC

If you set a game cartridge with SCC in the lowest priority slot, you can use it without problems (eg NandemoSCC in SLOT1-0, the game you want to play in SLOT1-1, a game cartridge with SCC in SLOT2).

When using the DISK version of NandemoSCC

After starting NandemoSCC, insert a game cartridge with SCC into the slot with the power of msx turned on, and press [ESC] to recognize it.

However, it seems that such "post-insertion" may damage the main unit if it fails, so please do it at your own risk.

Also, the DISK version of the game cannot be played in this way (because the game cartridge with SCC will start first). note that.

How to run many titles on MSX2/2+


Basic usage

Description of each setting

[tR] ... Only turboR

[16K] ... Works with 16KB-RAM

SCC chA,chB,chC ... Select waveform of each SCC channel. You should not be thinking deeply about names :)

PSG ... Setting whether PSG sounds or not.

If the BIOS setting is "COPY FROM PSG", this setting will be ignored and PSG will always sound.

MSX-MUSIC ... Setting whether MSX-MUSIC sounds or not.

By disabling FM sound, some games sound is played in PSG, enable conversion to SCC.


With DRAM-MODE, it is possible to rewrite completely BIOS, it does not consume even first 64KB of MAIN-RAM.

If you have a turboR, I think it's enough for bottom two.

SUBROM CALL … In MSX2 and later models, if the fake BIOS and SUB-ROM are in the same basic slot, it will run out of control without being able to switch slots, but this is an option to avoid it.


Does not make much sense when BIOS is not DRAM-MODE. This setting is for a disk version software.

ROM SLOT ... Specify slot of ROM to play.

CPU ... This option is not related to SCC, is an added bonus.

PRG ADDR ... Specify the address to place SCC control program.

SCC SLOT ... Specify slot of SCC.


I have prepared the settings that you use frequently as a preset. When you press [1]-[6], switch to each setting.

Quick Start Movie

With closed caption.


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